Before registering, please note:

1. You are advised to read the “Programme” and the “Venues” sections of this website.

2. The registration does not include the hotel booking. It is relative only to the ExCom Meeting, the AGA and the Technical Seminar.
    To book a hotel you can use the website or any other website of the same kind.

3. The registration is password protected. To get the password please contact your National Section or PIANC HQ:, Tel +32 2 553 71 61,
    Fax +32 2 553 71 55.

4. The registration fee is 200 € per participant (ExCom Meeting+AGA+Technical Seminar or AGA+Technical Seminar or AGA) and 200 € per accompanying person.

5. To pay the registration fee only credit cards are accepted. The accepted credit cards are:

6. Registration will be open up to 30 April 2015.

To register (in case you already have the password) please click here: Registration

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